Friday, November 5, 2010


by Kevin Bolger

The little town of Dementedyville is as boring as they come--but a mysterious stuffed animal is about to liven things up . . .

Stanley Nudelman buys Zombiekins at the yard sale of his neighbor, the Widow Imavitch. It looks cuddly and creepy-cute--but expose the TEDDY OF TERROR to moonlight, and strange things happen. . . .

When Zombiekins gets loose at his school, Stanley finds himself in GRAVE danger. Because if his teacher Mr. Baldengrumpy discovers he turned the whole school into zombies, Stanley will be in detention till he's, like, 80!

Can Stanley and his best friend Miranda save their schoolmates from eternal zombiefication? If not, will Mr. Baldengrumpy even notice? (description taken from

This is my kind of Halloween horror story. More funny than really scary. (I'm a chicken sometimes, I know!) This tween-aged zombie book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Gremlins.

Zombiekins is scary cute. He's a little creepy, but you want to cuddle him...expose him to direct moonlight, though, and he just might BITE you! Poor Stanley inadvertantly creates a zombie making machine that swiftly turns his whole school into a monster haven.

The illustrations by Aaron Blecha fit the book perfectly and had me snorting aloud. Stanley is a great character that learns to stand up to a bully. His best friend is a strong female character and his little sister made me laugh. The depictions of snotty kindergarteners, scary six graders, and awkward, mean teachers will definitely appeal to readers.

I cannot wait to check out the next book, Zombiekins II: They Came From Under the Bed. I think it will be another hideously funny adventure!

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