Thursday, June 16, 2011

Telecasting my Summer Reading Program talk

My favorite part of my job is actually going into classrooms to see students, to tell them about the library, to discuss awesome books, and to encourage them to join the summer reading program.

This year, over a six week period, I personally spoke to over 2, 590 students at 15 different schools in our city. Some of these visits were classroom to classroom, some were assemblies, and one was a telecast! This was a definite first for me, but I kind of liked doing it!

Basically, one of our middle schools had me come in and do the summer reading program talk over their morning announcements. I got to sit in a little room off of their media center and talk directly into a camera that fed live into every classroom in the building.

It was awesome because I was literally speaking to every student in the building at the teachers and administration! I showed the brochure they would be receiving, outlined our leveled program, and then also mentioned all of the fun, non-summer reading related programs we have at the library throughout the summer. 20 mins and done!

The only thing I missed was the actual student reactions. I tend to feed off of their energy, tailoring each visit to how they are reacting to what every I mention, and I couldn't really do that here. Thankfully, this telecast was almost my last "visit" and so I'd done the talk about 50 times already, so I basically knew it inside and out.

I think more schools will be asking to do this kind of thing in the future. Has anyone else done something like this? What were the reactions from students/teachers?

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