Thursday, June 30, 2011

Epiphanies Rock!

Just wanted to share...

I have no idea if any of you remember, but last year I wrote a romantic comedy novel. Well, the first draft anyway. :P Since then, I have been trying to revise the bejeesus out of it, because though I love the story, with the way the publishing market is today, I know realistically that my book doesn't yet have a chance. It's missing that spark that makes someone remember the book long after they've read it...the one that makes them ask, "Ooh! Did so and so write any other books?"

So. I've been plugging away, reading lots of books and blogs by professional writers to glean as many tips and tricks as I can to improve my writing craft. But, I've also been blogging, reviewing, and yes, horrors!, working during our busiest time of year! So, very little has actually been accomplished on draft #2.

And then...Monday morning - EPIPHANY!! Awesomeness. I was in the shower, because of course the only place I get my really great ideas are in the shower or in my car during my hour long commute...two places where I can't immediately write things down, and I finally had the epiphany that my story really needed.

The first draft was missing major conflict. Sure there was character growth, there's humor, there's love, but there's no moment where it all comes on the line. The moment when you know that if it goes wrong, it's going to go WRONG... but now I figured out exactly what I need to do to add my conflict!

*cue happy dance with flailing arms, jumping around, and squeeing!*

SO, this weekend can you guess what I might be working on??

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  1. Happy writing. I enjoy these epiphanies. Most of them have to do with adding tension, because I've been pondering what a manuscript is missing.