Monday, June 27, 2011

Secrets of Tamarind

Secrets of Tamarind
by Nadia Aguiar

It’s been four years since Maya, Simon, and Penny Nelson left the lost island of Tamarind. For Maya, the island is a nearly forgotten part of her childhood; for Penny, it’s a secret place she can’t remember, but longs to see; and for Simon, it’s an adventure waiting to happen. An evil group called the Red Coral Project is lurking around the Nelson’s home in Bermuda, and the children discover that the project has moved into Tamarind, and are desiccating it to ruin. Only the Nelson’s can save the island.

In Tamarind, there is the mystery of the magical mineral ophalla that Red Coral is greedily mining, their old pirate ship, the Pamela Jane, and the secret of their friend Helix’s parentage. This time, it is up to Simon to put the clues together, and save his sisters from the island and the nefarious Red Coral Project—and defeat Red Coral before the magnificent island is put to ruin. (description from

I really enjoyed this middle grade adventure. I kind of wish that I had read the first book in the series, The Lost Island of Tamarind (I will probably go back and read it at some point), not because I didn't understand what was happening (this takes place four years later, so it's separated into reminiscences rather than directly affecting the events of this book) but because the writing is so good that I want to visit this world again!

Aguiar describes a lush and magical island. This series is sort of Peter Pan meets Lost. The island contains wonderous creatures, interesting people, and sights that just make me want to jump in with my camera in tow. Add to that mix a really devoted and adventurous family of kids that are continuously able to save the've got a winner!

This book was just what I needed as a fantasy reader who had read one to many paranormal romances recently. This brought me right back to what I had loved about reading fantasy a few years ago. Pure adventure. Pure magic. Pure smarts and courage and devoted friends.
Definitely worth reading!!

Full disclosure: ARC received to review for SLJ

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