Monday, April 18, 2011

Get to Know...Lisa and Laura Roecker!

The hilarious Roecker sisters, authors of The Liar Society, have dropped by to let us get to know them better! I am so excited. They are FUNNNNY. I believe the hot pink hair in their author photo can attest to that!!

Let's get to it!! :)

1. Someone hand dips you an entire crate of chocolate covered twizzlers…how do you thank them?

Personalized copies of The Liar Society, of course. KIDDING, KIDDING. We thank them by sharing the Twizzlers—because after approximately 7, a candy stomach ache of epic proportion sets in, and we write their fabulousness into our next book. After all, Twizzlers aid in our writing process so really we would owe it all to them!

2. What’s the perfect outfit to compliment a hot pink wig?

For us, something total prepster. The hot pink hair hints at an edge, but the prep is a bit of a twist. Perhaps a fitted blazer, crisp button down shirt and skinny jeans? Kind of unexpected, right?
* I love this! If only I could pull off skinny jeans...*le sigh*

3. What is the credo for your secret society (and I’ll be nice…you don’t have to answer in Latin)?

Sisters4eva. A nod to good ole Fear. Have you ever seen that movie??? Marky-Mark at his BEST.
*I have to confess I have never seen this movie...might have to get is ASAP, though, if it's getting this kind of recommendation!*

4. If you could pick one character from a book, movie, or TV show that would be perfect to be Kate’s BFF if they ever met…who would it be?

We’ve always thought that Emma from Lee Nichols’ Haunting Emma series would be a kick ass BFF. And Emma’s a ghostkeeper. VERY handy.
*I LOVE this series, too. Emma and Kate - whoa! What a combo*

5. Were there any scenes, characters, etc that you had to cut from The Liar Society that you would have loved to keep?

We were very attached to one line that kept on getting changed and eventually ended up on the cutting room floor. Here she is…we still get all weepy when we think of her.

There was now a distinct before and after. Before Grace died and after Grace died. I still hadn’t figured out who I was in the after-Grace.

And the new… There was now a distinct before and after, and I still hadn’t figured out who I was in life after Grace.

Do you see the difference or are we crazy?
*Wow. I actually really like the phrase after-Grace, but hey...I'm no editor.*

6. What was the last book that you read that you would recommend to other readers?

We just read the first book in a new series for middle graders called Alice-Miranda at School by Jacqueline Harvey. The main character had such a sunny disposition and outlook on life it was hard not to fall in love!

7. Quick Picks: Favorite Vacation Destination? Favorite Childhood Book? Favorite Movie? Favorite Food? Favorite Clothing Item?
1. Hilton Head
2. Anything by Christopher Pike
3. Singles
4. Grandma/Mom’s homemade spaghetti/sauce
5. Yoga pants because they’re so deliciously comfortable
*OMG. I have just recently discovered the wonder of yoga I'm trying to figure out a workable scenario where I can wear them 24/7...too bad my Library doesn't really think they classify as business casual! :P*

If you haven't already read The Liar Society...what are you waiting for?? Check out my review here and go get yourself a copy!! Don't forget to check out the Roeckers' hilarious blog, Lisa and Laura Write and show them some love. Lisa, Laura, thank you sooooo much for stopping by!!!


  1. Fantastic interview. The Roecker sisters are just great and I loved Liar Society. Can't wait to see more of Kate.

  2. Fun interview! Love these authors - and Liar Society rocks!