Monday, April 25, 2011

Hard Bitten Blog Tour - Interview with Jeff Christopher and a Giveaway

In honor of the newest Chicagoland Vampires book, Hard Bitten, which comes out next Tuesday, May 3rd, I have a special treat for you all!

My absolute favorite character from the series is shifter, Jeff Christopher. Jeff is in his early 20s, works in the Ombudsman's Office, and is a full on computer wiz. He continuously makes me laugh and generally gives Merit a little extra fun in her life.

Jeff has very graciously granted me an interview to help entice you all to pick up The Chicagoland Vampires books.

Welcome Jeff! Just a few questions for you...

First off…any juicy secrets you know from working in the Ombudsman’s Office? I’m kidding…unless you really do have something you could share?? *wink, wink*
Jeff: *Blushing a little* Aw, there are always secrets here. Since not everyone is out of the closet, we try to keep folks protected. I can say that Catcher likes to eat frou-frou salads for lunch. Like with cranberries on top. Who knew?

Speaking of the office, besides the Chulthu that sits on your desk, any other “interesting” accessories in your workspace?
Jeff: There *might* be a framed photograph of someone special on my desk, but I'll let Chloe tell you about that in the books.

So, how well do you actually know the Windy City’s River Nymphs?
Jeff: Whoa, whoa. Let's not start any crazy rumors. I've got a shifter with an attitude and a gun safe who probably doesn't want to hear any suggestions that I've been dancing the rumba with any nymphs. We only know each other in a professional capacity. *Smooths the front of his shirt* But I could hit that if I wanted to. Not that I want to. I'm just sayin'. Whoops! Sorry, Jeff...definitely don't want to get you in any trouble with Fallon. :)

What would your ideal date be like?
Jeff: Dinner. Walk along the riverfront or down Michigan Avenue. Maybe a boat ride, the two of us together staring out across the water. *Snatches up pen and paper, mumbling as he scribbles* River . . . front . . . Boat . . . ride

What was the last book that you read…or, um, thumbed through?
Jeff: I read a lot of the tech magazines. WIRED. POPULAR MECHANICS. DISCOVERY. SHIFTERS WEEKLY. Nah, I made that last one up. *snort*

Describe Merit in one sentence.
Jeff: *Closing his eyes* Tall, superior hotness, easy on the eyes, nice to talk to. *Eyes flash open* And completely off limits because I have a girl! Seriously, are you trying to get me in trouble? *Leaning forward* You aren't taping this, are you? *Shifts eyes guiltily away...writes notes furiously*

If Merit had been born a shifter, what form do you think her animal would have been?
Jeff: Water buffalo? Nah, kidding, kidding. She can be a little clutzy. Something sleek. Quiet. A hunter. Panther, maybe?

Quick picks: Top Vacation Destination? Favorite food? Favorite item of clothing?
Jeff: Vienna. Chicago red hots. A good pair of khakis.

Jeff, thanks again SO much for stopping by! I really enjoyed getting to know you a little better...can't wait to read more about you very soon. I hope that everyone runs out to grab Hard Bitten when it comes out...I know I'll be reading it the night it comes out!

Chloe Neill has very graciously offered to send out a Chicagoland Vampires swag pack to one of my readers. Simply leave me a comment with your favorite character from the series (or if you haven't read any of them yet...your favorite vampire character, in general) and your email address by Friday, April 29th. I will announce the winner on Saturday, April 30th. Good luck!!


  1. Merit is my favorite, of course! How is that even a question??? :-) ~Kim

  2. What a fun interview! I do like Jeff. It's hard to choose a favorite character in this series, as they're also so awesome...

  3. Ladies, it's a good thing I know you both because if you forgot to put your email address!! :P

  4. Merit is my favorite character.

    sgiden at

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  6. merit, of ousre is my favorite! what's there not to like abt her?

  7. Awesome interview I do love Jeff. But I got to say my favorite character would just have to be Merit. She's fun and spunky and I love her sense of humor!

  8. Fun interview! I love fun ones like this! I would have a hard time picking just one. They are all so well written!

    lisasworldofbooks @ charter dot net

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  10. Very funny interview!! My favorite character is Ethan. jatlantisv[at]

  11. Awesome interview! My favorite character is Merit, love her personality. Thanks for the giveaway, Looking forward to reading Hard Bitten :)


  12. My favorite character has to be Merit! She grows unlike some heroines. Thanks for the contest!

  13. I just started this series, but I am loving Merit so far.

    Another vampire favorite of mine would be Damon from The Vampire can you wrong with the bad boy vampire??


  14. If it's international, count me in too! My favorite character is Ethan! He can get on your nerves at times but I still like him!


  15. It's hard not to have love/hate feelings towards Ethan...just like Merit does. I find scenes containing him to be my favorites so I'd say he's definitely my pick.

  16. Great interview loved it !I love Ethan always wondering what is going to be next with him and Merit ! I can't wait to read Hard bitten :)

  17. It's Ethan for sure, even though he's a stubborn autocratic so and so, it's him.

  18. (E)than Sullivan Master Vampire of
    (T)he No.4 Cadogan House is the
    (H)ottest, Funniest & Charming Characters in the
    (A)wesome Chicargoland Vampires Series written by
    (N)o other than the fangtastic Chloe Neill :)

  19. Lindsey. I feel like she's a weird mix of a lot of my really close friends.

    chambersh (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. I like all the characters but its Merit hands down that is my favorite. Cannot wait to read her newest adventure in Hard Bitten.

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  21. Okay, Xander - kudos for spelling out Ethan's name!!

  22. awww - thank you
    What can I say... I am a sucker for Ethan :)