Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gossip from the Girls' Room

Gossip from the Girls' Room
by Rose Cooper
A Blogtastic Novel

Gossip from the Girls’ Room fills readers in on all there is to learn about middle school life at Middlebrooke, where Sofia has her very own blog and discusses all the juicy gossip that comes out of the Girls’ room; read along to find out just what happens when class is not in session.

In Sofia's words . . .

Mia St. Claire is only the most popular girl in all of Middlebrooke Middle School. For three very obvious reasons:
1. She's very rich.
2. She has tons of money.
3. She can buy anything and everything she wants. And she does.
I'm sure people like her for other reasons too, but none of those reasons are obvious enough for me to really know. Or care about, for that matter. (description from

This was such a fun book! It's very much like Diary of a Wimpy Kid in format, with a font that looks like Sofia's printed handwriting, little illustrations all over the place, and a "notebook" style spiral binding on the interior edge of all the pages. With inserted lists, blog posts and daily journal style entries, this is a super fast paced look into Sofia's private life.

Not only was this book fun to read, but it also brought up some very good points for middle grade readers in a non-lecture method. It teaches that gossiping is bad, you should treat others the way you'd like them to treat you, and that you may not know everything about someone just from the impressions you get from their outward appearance and demeanor. Very nice!

I am looking forward to another fun...and FUNNY...foray into Sofia's world in the upcoming, Rumors from the Boys' Room.


  1. i love the book because it has a sassy edge to it and it has a grat stero type for 4-7 graders

  2. i just finished reading both books rumors from the boys room and gossip from the girls room and they r awesome i am making a book project about it tomorrow

    1. that is so awesome i did one last month