Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pandora Gets Angry

Pandora Gets Angry
by Carolyn Hennesy Pandora
series, book five

Pandora and her friends are off to Persia to track the fifth evil: Rage. They have camels to help them cross the desert, but mysterious sandstorms and frightening strangers keep them from moving quickly. Luckily, help arrives in the form of a cute Persian boy who helps Pandy and her friends search for Persia's secret Garden of the Jin. In the garden, where genies hide their treasure, there is a lamp that was once used to imprison an angry genie. So Pandy & Co. just have to figure out how to capture one of the most enraged genies of all time. Easy, right? (Description from

If you are a mythology lover, you should definitely try this series. It's great if you are having Percy Jackson withdrawl. The premise is fun, the characters are great and there is tons of magic and mythology to keep things fresh and fun.

I loved the Persian mythology and magic in this one. It was neat to learn about some of the gods from that part of the world. It also had genies...I always end up trying to decide on smart wishes whenever I read about genies...

There was a little more romance in this one and very great loyal friendships. There were moments that made me snort and ones that made me tear up a little. I cannot wait to see what the trip to Rome in the next book about Greed brings...

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