Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Liar Society

The Liar Society
by Lisa and Laura Roecker

Since when do the dead send emails?

Kate Lowry's best friend Grace died a year ago. So when she gets an email from her, Kate's more than a little confused.

Subject: (no subject)
I'm here... sort of.
Find Cameron. He knows.
I shouldn't be writing.
Don't tell. They'll hurt you.

Now Kate has no choice but to prove once and for all that Grace's death was more than just a tragic accident. She teams up with a couple of knights-in-(not-so)-shining armor-the dangerously hot bad boy, Liam, and her lovestruck neighbor, Seth. But at their elite private school, there are secrets so big people will do anything to protect them-even if it means getting rid of anyone trying to solve a murder... (description from

This was one of those books that I finished and I was happy. Just happy. It was fulfilling. I've seen a lot of people online already asking for book 2, but for me, The Liar Society ends at a spot both plot-wise and in Kate's emotional life that I am satisfied with...for me it could be a standalone.

It is a great Veronica Mars like mystery. There's danger, good friends, and snarky attitude. Everything I desired! Kate was a great heroine. Though she was still massively grieving her best friend's death and had no clue what was going on, she was fighting for justice!

My favorite passage from the book is AWESOME and epitomizes everything I loved about Kate:

p. 332 I had to laugh. Something about me running through underground tunnels with a sword was beyond funny, but I took it with me anyway. A girl could never be too careful. Besides, I was ready to start slaying my own damn dragons.

My only complaint - that Kate wasn't wearing an awesome pink wig as she ran through those tunnels with a sword!

Kate's journey is full of twists and turns and mysterious Latin puzzles (that I loved) and her biggest helpers, aside from the romantic lead that was definitely swoon-worthy, were a very hilarious redheaded sidekick who made me think of a cross between Ron Weasley and Agent Fox Mulder and a kick-@ss security guard who I think may honestly have been my favorite character in the whole book. Did I mention how much I loved how much time Kate spent hunting down clues in the Library??

Kate kept me on my toes and Lisa and Laura Roecker are hilarous-ness embodied. If you haven't checked out their blog yet, you must do so immediately! You'll find information about the book, their touring, what they're working on next...oh yeah, and their family stuff, celeb gossip, and did I mention I'm pretty sure this is where Kate got her snarky attitude??

Signing off in true PINK fashion one last time...

Full disclosure: ARC borrowed from the awesome Jen at Yabooknerd.
2011 Debut Author Challenge title


  1. So glad you Loved it too!!!!
    It went out from the library shelf the day if arrived! I think teens are going to gobble up this read :)

  2. im about half way through the book and so far i love every word. the book has me on the tip of my toes