Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diana Wynne Jones

I am so, soo, sooo sad. I just realized that one of my favorite authors of all time, Diana Wynne Jones, passed away today. I for one will sorely miss her contributions to children's fantasy.

The first Diana Wynne Jones book I ever read was Charmed Life from the Chrestomanci series. I loved this book so much that I, uh, accidentally "stole" it from a great friend in fifth grade...I don't know if she ever realized that I just never returned it!! I went on to read EVERYTHING I could find from Jones. Her books are amazing.

I wanted to live in Cat's world when I was in middle school. A world of magic, mystery, and a place where the quieter people actually have a lot of power. This book and Tamora Pierce's Alanna: The First Adventure still rank as two of my all time favorite books and are what kept me going whenever I wanted to completely retreat from the heinous existence that was middle school!!

I will deeply miss the potential for any more Chrestomanci books. :(

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