Monday, March 21, 2011


by Kate Brian
Private series, book fourteen

After the shocking revelations made in the Private prequel, The Book of Spells, Noelle and Reed know they are descendants of the original Billings Girls and their legacy includes a mysterious coven of witches. But it's nothing compared to what happens next.

One by one, Billings Girls go missing from campus.

The entire community bands together to find the lost girls, hoping they are still alive. Reed can't believe tragedy has struck Easton again, and she begins to wonder if the Billings Girls are cursed. But when the first body shows up containing a message just for her, she fears her friends are worse than cursed: they're doomed. (description taken from

I am so sad that this series is almost done. This is the second to last book. The final one, Vengeance, will be coming out August 30th and I have bittersweet feelings about reading it and finishing the series.

I was glad to see Brian managed to tie in the supernatural prequel, The Book of Spells in a way that did not feel contrived. As much as I was dreading adding a supernatural element to my favorite realistic fiction series, it's done well and it's coming at the end of the series so it's not changing the overall feel. (I not-so-secretly revel in the whole soap-opera feel!!)

I have been fascinated with Reed and Noelle's relationship for the entire series. At the end of Vanished, their relationship changes in a very dramatic way and I loved the new light that is cast upon Reed's family. It plays neatly into the information found out in The Book of Spells about the Billings founding families, as well!

At this point, I can't really speculate how Brian can possibly wrap up the entire series in one final book, but I am sure looking forward to reading it.

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