Saturday, March 12, 2011

Covers Comparison - Nightshade series by Andrea Cremer

These are the original hardcover versions of Nightshade and Wolfsbane.
Nightshade's cover was brushed and beautiful and the deckled edges of the pages gave even more character to the book. I was really looking forward to the matching book, Wolfsbane, when it came out this fall.

Andrea Cremer just announced on her blog, however, that they redesigned the Nightshade cover for the paperback edition, and created a matching cover for Wolfsbane. So, the cover you see above is no longer the cover for Wolfsbane.

Though I like these new covers (they feel very urban fantasy to me), I think I actually preferred the originals. If I had not seen the originals, I might be more inclined to love these...but I'm not sure... What do you all think?


  1. I don't like the new covers at all. I think they look far too urban fantasy, and more adult paranormal romance than YA. They wouldn't stand out against other books in the section at all for me.
    I want the old covers back :(

  2. Definitely not the only one :) Lots of people don't like the new covers - they've caused a bit of a stir in the blogging community and twitter!

  3. Hi
    I would like to here if they have stopped making the books in the originally cover??? I'm asking cause I want to buy all the books (including the fourth book when that gets puplished) and want all of the books to be with the same cover, so I would just ask if they also are going to make the third and the fourth with the original cover or if have just stopped making that cover and instead using the new cover only???
    please answer<3
    My opinion is that the first cover is way more beautiful then the others but when that's said I actually do like the new cover;-)

  4. @Mathilde - From what Andrea Cremer and her publisher have been saying online, they are not making the original covers anymore. The following books will have covers to match the new version of Nightshade and Wolfsbane. Though I loved the original covers, when I purchase them, I'll have to buy the new covers, because like you I want them all to match.

  5. @Jessica - Thank you for your answer, it's great that you understand what I mean, but I'm sorry that you have to buy the same book again just because of the cover (but I would totally have done the same if that was me)
    But I kind of have another question which I hope you'll answer:
    Now where I'm gonna buy the books I would like all of them to match, BUT, I mostly prefer hardcover and I have searched on MANY online bookstores and I have found the second and third with the new cover and hardcover but I can only find the first book with the new cover in paperback and all the first books/nightshades in hardcover is with a different cover... so I'm asking: do you know a online bookstore where I can buy the books (or just the first one) with the new cover AND in hardcover?? or is that just impossible?? cause I'm thinking that they only made that book in paperback, and if that's the case, I would like to here if they're going to make the book in hardcover?
    Please answer<3

  6. The only thing I could come up with is this from Andrea Cremer's blog:

    In addition to the cover reveal, I have some AMAZING news. Since the Nightshade series' covers have been redesigned Penguin knows that many of you would like to have a matching set for the series. So they've printed a limited number of the new Nightshade jackets that you can put on your hardcover and all your books will match!

    The jackets are being mailed out on a first come, first served basis. Send your request, including your mailing address to

    I'm sorry to international readers but this is a US only offer since it regards the US cover redesign

    Otherwise I think the new cover is only available in paperback...

  7. @Jessica - Thank you for your answer:-) It sounds kind of cool with those "jackets" but unfortunately I'm from Denmark so I can't get it:-( Now I'm considering if I should buy only the first one in paperback and the rest of them in hardcover or just buy all of them in paperback... maybe I should wait some time and then see what I decide;-) Anyway... thank you for your answers and I hope I didn't caused too much trouble with all my questions.
    XoXo Mathilde<3

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