Monday, January 24, 2011

Get to Know... Priscilla Sumner...and her Creator, Sybil Nelson!

As part of the Priscilla the Great blog tour, author Sybil Nelson has graciously stopped by to answer some questions for us!! This book is absolutely hilarious, the start of what I think will be a fantastic new middle grade series, and Sybil is just as spunky as her super creation, Priscilla. :)

1. I have to say I love that Priscilla has multiple powers…but if you could only pick one superpower to have, which would you choose?

I would want to pause time. I tend to do a million things at once and if I could take a break and give myself an extra hour here and there, that would be awesome.
*Oooh! That's a good one. I always say I'd like to be able to split myself in two so that I could be in two places at once, but your idea is EVEN better!*

2. Priscilla has a very overprotective Dad. I love that he’s so actively involved, but I remember being a teen and feeling like parents were such a pain sometimes…Did you draw him at all from your real life experiences?

Oh definitely. If my mother was a superhero she would be Psycho Paranoid Lady. My teenage years were an experiment in covert operations. Thankfully, I had my own car and an active imagination. She never knew what was going on. ;)

3. An older brother that likes to sing Christina Aguilera songs – why Christina Aguilera and not Britney or Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?

I really have no idea. I happen to be a big Christina Aguilera fan myself and one day I got an image in my head of a cute boy singing his heart out to “Ain’t No Other Man.” I thought it was hilarious so I went with it.

4. Speaking of music, what would be on Priscilla’s iPod?

What an awesome question. She’s actually not that big on pop music and likes more eclectic stuff believe it or not. She hosts a weekly theme on her blog called “Music the Radio Doesn’t Play.” Some of her favorite bands are Travis, Kent, Julie Slonecki, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, The Influence, David Ford, Robyn, The Smiths, Tuatara, Grandaddy and The Flaming Lips. But on the other hand, Priscilla is an amazing hip hop dancer so when she needs peppy music to get her going, she usually looks toward Usher or one of the Justins.
*I'd love to borrow her iPod for a day!! Don't forget to check out Priscilla's blog here.*

5. Are you working on any new books that you can tell us about right now?

I’m the type of author that always has about a million books going at once. I’m working on book 5 of the Priscilla series. I’m also working on a Young Adult Historical Fiction novel called Shadows of St. Louis. It’s an interracial love story about the race riots that occurred in that city. I also got another idea for a book today which I will start writing as soon as I’m done with this interview.
*Whew! This is one busy author-bee!! I can't wait to read books 2-5 in the Priscilla series myself!*

6. What was the last book that you read that you would recommend to other readers?

Another tough question. I don’t usually recommend books because everyone’s tastes are so different. I think the last book I read that would be a hit with the most people would be Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. I just read that book last week. I don’t know why it took me so long to jump on that bandwagon, but I’m on now and I can’t wait for the next stop.

7. Quick Picks: Favorite Vacation Destination? Favorite Childhood Book? Favorite Movie? Favorite Food? Favorite Clothing Item?

Disney World, (Can’t decide) ,The Wedding Singer, Bacon, Sunglasses

Well, I'd like to thank Sybil again SOO much for stopping by to answer my questions... Please go check out her website, Priscilla's blog (which is hilarious and fun), and the actual book, of course, Priscilla the Great. Check out my review of the book here.

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