Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tween Tuesday - The Lost Hero

Tween Tuesday is a weekly meme to highlight great reads for tweens hosted at GreenBeanTeenQueen. My pick for this week is:

The Lost Hero
by Rick Riordan
The Heroes of Olympus, book one

After saving Olympus from the evil Titan lord, Kronos, Percy and friends have rebuilt their beloved Camp Half-Blood, where the next generation of demigods must now prepare for a chilling prophecy of their own:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

Now, in a brand-new series fans return to the world of Camp Half-Blood. Here, a new group of heroes will inherit a quest. But to survive the journey, they’ll need the help of some familiar demigods. (description taken from

Fans of Percy Jackson, rejoice! This opener for the new Camp Half-Blood series rocks...seriously! Though I enjoyed The Red Pyramid, it just did not have the same feel that the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series did. I missed it and did not realize how much until I fell back into Camp Half-Blood!

Jason, named after the epic hero Jason, who bridged the gap between Greece and the emergence of the Roman Empire, is another strong and likeable hero. He has no memories, but seems to have skills and be trained to fight. Journeying with him as he discovers his real identity is fun and interesting. When you find a link to Percy (yes! Percy is involved, though not present in this book) readers are just drawn deeper into their world.

Jason's fellow heroes, Piper (daughter of Aphrodite) and Leo (son of Hephaestus), are also eminently likeable and very skilled. I love Leo's sense of humor and adventure. I love Piper's moral strength and determination. Their strength as a group is undeniable.

I also really enjoyed how Riordan began to infuse Roman mythology into this series. I cannot wait to see how things end up...I can't say more for now without giving spoilers, but if you loved Percy you must pick up this book - NOW! Tweens will love diving back into this world. I guarantee it.

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  1. Ooh, I can't wait- I'm pretty far down on the hold list so it might be a while. LOVED Percy Jackson!