Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cat O'Nine Tails

Cat O'Nine Tails
by Julia Golding
The Cat Royal Adventures, book four

Cat is finally living a life of luxury--and so bored she's going out of her mind. But then she and her friends are kidnapped and forced to work on a ship bound for the New World. With a mystery to solve and survival at stake, Cat must use her wits to save herself and her friends.
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Another great addition to the Cat Royal series! Book four sees Cat inadvertantly set upon by a pressgang during a search for Syd, who'd been missing. Well...luck would have it...when Cat wakes up she finds Syd. Unfortunately, she, Pedro, and Frank have all been forced upon the same ship and all four friends are now unwilling members of the Royal Navy.

After some adversity, Cat makes a daring escape attempt and luckily is taken in by a friendly Native American family. Maybe too friendly...they try to keep Cat! In a new country, separated from every one of her friends, can Cat keep true to herself and push through to find happiness again?

Full of adventure, mystery, new cultural experiences, and some intriguing budding romantic moments, this newest Cat Royal adventure had me totally captivated. Now I need to find out when the next one will be coming out!

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