Friday, September 24, 2010

Carter's Big Break

Carter's Big Break
by Brent Crawford
sequel to: Carter Finally Gets It

School is finally over, and he has (barely) survived his freshman year. Unfortunately, he quickly learns that the summer break he’s been craving just might break him. When he and his girlfriend, Abby, part ways (over his less-than-appropriate requests and her shameless flirting with another guy), Carter can’t help but think his summer is ruined.

Things start to look up after he’s unexpectedly cast in an independent film opposite the world’s biggest tween sensation, Hilary Idaho, who’s looking to give her image a makeover. With Hollywood knocking on his door, Carter gets a taste of the good life. Suddenly, his small town, lame friends, and embarrassing family don’t seem as great as they used to. As is prone to happen when Carter is around, the film spirals out of control, and he begins to fear that he’s not the “somebody” he thinks he is and more of the “nobody” he’s pretty sure he always has been. But maybe, with the help of a few friends, he’ll learn to see things in a whole new light.

Find out if Carter goes Hollywood…or Hollywood goes Carter.
(description taken from

I really loved Carter Finally Gets It when I read it. It is hilarious...and slightly raunchy. Definitely a book I would recommend to a high school boy looking for a funny read! Carter absolutely sounds like a fourteen year old boy...full of horomones and toilet humor.

At the end of their freshman year, Carter and his boys are looking forward to an awesome summer. Unfortunately, Carter's life never seems to work out that easily, and suddenly due to a misunderstanding (potentially totally Carter's fault), he and Abby are no longer dating. She's got her eye on an older guy, and Carter's probably gonna end up alone. *sad face*

On the upside, Carter is suddenly cast into a movie! A real movie. And his co-star is no other than Hilary Idaho, the hottest tween sensation...ever...and the fulfillment of some of Carter's wishful dreams. Things are definitely looking up...or are they?

Full of horomone driven situations and hilarious mishaps just like the first book, Carter's Big Break is another great story. Not quite as purely magical as the first, Carter still persistenly charms (and makes me snort) all the way through. The raunchiness is perfectly balanced with real life lessons, making for a book that I am just dying to pawn off on other readers!

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