Friday, November 11, 2011

Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way

Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way
by Lisi Harrison
Monster High, book three

Always overshadowed by her six brothers and her fab friends, Clawdeen Wolf plans to finally strut her stuff in the spotlight at her upcoming Sweet Sixteen bash. But after The Ghoul Next Door goes viral, it's into the woods for the family Wolf. Clawdeen goes stir crazy lying low at her family's B&B with her annoying brothers until Lala shows up to keep her company. But is the vamp flirting with Claude?! (description from

I LOVED that Clawdeen was the primary focus of this book. Getting to know more about the wolf behind the designer clothes was awesome. It totally cracked me up that not only did she create a lot of her own outfits, but that she hosted a web DIY show. So much fun!!

Lisi Harrison really does a great job of tackling real teen issues, real life issues (discrimination, bullying, etc.) and still keeping it so fun by changing things up with a little fun - horror movie style! I love each of the girls and their special talents. I cannot wait for the next book featuring Lala.

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  1. it's so true! these books just make the whole monster high seen more lovable! if the fabulous dolls weren't enough, and the fangtastic webisodes let's just give it one more reason to be awesome! epic win!