Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Hunger Games Movie Photos!

So, I know I'm a little late to the party when it comes to "revealing" these pictures from the Hunger Games movie, but I'm going to blame this all conveniently on Winter Storm Alfred and the fact that I currently have no power. *I am secretly blogging to you from work on a break!*

The delay, however, means I get to share NEW deliciously awesome photos with you that were just revealed today, as well as the posters that came out...what almost a week ago? *cringe*

So! Not only did they come out with eight great looking posters for the movie (you can see Katniss and Effie Trinket below), but they also just did a great cast photo shoot for Vanity Fair/Entertainment Weekly that I grabbed a couple of pics from...

I'm started to get really excited about the film! They really look like the characters now...

Oh - and as a's a pic of Jen from Yabooknerd dressed as Katniss for Halloween!

I think she did a great job with the costume! Kudos, Jen!!

I was really disappointed that this storm totally cramped not only my style at home (I mean, how can you sleep in a place that drops down to 20 degrees at night?? Brrr....), but also my Halloween spirit at work. We had a costume contest at work on Monday and I was all set to go as Effie Trinket (I had a pink wig and everything!!) and ended up not going to work because of the dangerous driving conditions ... *sad face* Oh well, guess I'll wow you all next year! LOL.

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  1. :) thanks, I can't WAIT to see this film. I probably should have waited until NEXT year for my costume because most of the staff and other adults thought I was Robin Hood....