Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So, I haven't been blogging as much lately, and even if no one noticed but me, I wanted to explain why. You might remember (or not...who knows) that I am somewhat of an amateur writer. I have participated in NaNoWriMo and I'm in a Writers' Group (with two awesome chicas!! Becca from Alice:Journey of a Fake Writer and Jen from Yabooknerd).

Well, I decided that I have to get serious. I want to publish a book someday and that means I need to buckle down and "Get 'R Dun," as they say...but with better grammar! So, while I will absolutely not give up my reading time, because not only do I consider it important research, but it is the highlight of my day, every day...I have decided to cut back on blogging. Not just actually posting on my blog, but I have also cut back on how often I read my blog feed.

It's been tough! I think I was going through a little bit of blogger withdrawl, BUT in the time that I was using for that I wrote a killer short story! Not only did I write it, but I revised it, and...submitted it for the National Writer's Digest annual contest. *fingers crossed* Realistically, I have no intention of holding my breath anticipating a win. I'm sure a bajillion people enter every year. Having the goal and a deadline, though, really got me to pump it out and make sure all my word choices were sharp, my sentences were concise, and that the characters and plot were developed just so...

Did I mention how *HARD* it is to write a short story?! So hard, but totally worth it. I have a real finished piece that I am eminently proud of and would love to share with the world at some point. For now, I await the decisions of others...and turn back to an older project. :)

All right, off to go read!


  1. Congrats on turning in your story!!!

  2. Thanks Jen! Couldn't have done it without your help. :)