Monday, September 12, 2011

Get to Know....Kelly Keaton!

Today, I am lucky enough to have Kelly Keaton on the blog answering a few quick questions! Kelly is the author of Darkness Becomes Her, the first book in the Gods and Monsters series. (You can read my raving gold star review, here!!) Book two, A Beautiful Evil will be out in February 2012 and I can't wait!!

1. I loved the way that you explored the decadence and rich history of New Orleans to create New 2. Have you ever lived in New Orleans? Did you do a lot of research into the city’s history?

No, never lived there, though I have dreamed of that for ages! I started my love affair with NOLA over twenty years ago and have just been gathering details in my mind with each trip, each fact, photo, or book I read. A lot of the info in DBH was pulled from what I already know about the city or from previous notes I’d made that I found interesting. Most of my research beyond that was map checking and fact checking or digging through my personal photos and such.
*I have to say that I've never wanted to visit New Orleans so much as I did after finishing this book!*

2. What was your inspiration in deciding to have New Orleans become its own independent nation, outside of US government control?

I had this vision of Ari in a dark, lush, creepy world ruled by supernatural beings, and I knew that in order to make that a reality I had to rethink and recreate the city a little bit. I’d always wanted to set a story in NOLA, but never felt I had the right one until Ari came along. It was a very natural fit and the world fell into place perfectly. I wanted the city to retain its unique characteristics and charm while creating a new era where the Novem is in control, where real life rules and laws don’t always apply. So the inspiration came from those ideas, to do something different, make new rules, and create a supernatural playground for my characters that would be incredibly gothic, seeped in history, and had such beauty and hope in the midst of decay.

3. What were your favorite myths to read while you were growing up?

Mostly Greek and Egyptian. Anything that I could get my hands on in regards to the ancients. I love the stories of Pandora, Persephone, Prometheus (what’s with all the P’s?, LOL). I had dreams of being an archaeologist and would lie on my bedroom floor with old National Geographic maps and Time Life books, tracing the journeys of Greek heroes and gods. I was in elementary school when I started doing that, so mythology has been a part of my life for a long time. I adore Arthurian legend as well.

4. I know that book 2, A Beautiful Evil, is slated to come out in February. Are there more books that you would like to write in the series after that?

Absolutely. I would love to write a 3rd book to, at least, wrap things up in a trilogy. But I can see going beyond that as well. I plan to write Violet’s story, too, as her past and what she is has been known to me from almost the beginning – and it’s pretty shocking!
*Oooh! I'm beyond excited to find out!!*

5. What was the last book that you read that you would recommend to other readers?

Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon.
*I just read this too! I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's books.*

6. Quick Picks: Favorite Vacation Destination? Beach. Favorite Childhood Book? The Black Stallion. Favorite Movie? The Fifth Element. Favorite Food? Potatoes, in any form (except raw) Favorite Clothing Item? Crazy socks and plain white V-neck T-shirt.
*I'll eat potatoes any way, too, even small pieces raw. I <3 Potatoes!*

Kelly, thank you SO much for letting me interview you!

If you haven't checked out Kelly's book, Darkness Becomes Her, I suggest you check it out ASAP! *Sooo good!!* For more information, you can also check out her website and like her on Facebook!!


  1. Thanks very much for having me, Jessica! ;-)

    Kelly K.

  2. Awesome! I loved DBH and cant wait for A Beautiful Evil! Awesome post, Kelly Rocks!