Friday, January 19, 2018

Reading for Comfort

Is anyone else like me where when life gets just a little too much to handle... a little too "real,"  you just try to lose yourself in a book?  That's been my go-to escapism move for as long as I can remember. 

Last week when I found myself bemoaning the horrid weather we've been having this January in New England and work got a little extra stressful, I found myself longing to just dive into some comforting books.

So...with my 2018 Books I Already Own Challenge this threw me off my game a little bit.  I wanted to try as much as possible to stick within the parameters of my challenge and yet still have the freedom to read books I knew without a doubt would leave me feeling a little more lighthearted.  So, what did I end up reading?

The first book was an easy choice, since it wasn't really a choice at all! I may or may not have mentioned that I run the Cozy Mystery Book Bunch book club at my library.  Once a month I get to read a cozy and have a discussion with other readers about its plusses, minuses, and hilarious bits... and I get paid! LOVE. 

January's book club choice was Daisies for Innocence by Bailey Cattrell, the first book in the Enchanted Garden mystery series. It was the perfect mix of light fun, cute pets, hints of magic, and murder. The main character was someone interesting to follow and it reminded me how much I like to dabble with aromatherapy knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to read the second book in the series... in 2019. 

The other book I picked up to lighten my mood was the novella prequel to the Secret World of Alaina Downs series, The Princess and the Stableboy by Rebecca Rynecki.  Technically, I've read this one already a few years ago, so it was a re-read, but it was my first time reading it since it was officially printed.  Rebecca is one of my good friends and writing partners and I was actually a beta reader for this novella.  Such a different experience to read it again all pretty and formatted correctly!

Anyway, this series is one set in the fantasy world of Isleen, where magic abound and adventure and romance are always around the next corner.  I knew exactly what I was going to find in this re-read.  Evil wizards, a princess learning that she can survive horrifying things, and a sweet romance blossoming into true love.  *sigh*  One of my happy reading places. 

I was so happy that technically I didn't jump off my challenge path to find solace in my reading choices!  Even this morning when I looked at the next book on my list and wasn't quite feeling it, I was able to hunt for another book that I own to take it's place, so I'm still on track! 

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