Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January's "Cheat" Book: The Lost Plot by Genevieve Cogman

The Lost Plot by Genevieve Cogman
The Invisible Library series, book four
Ace Books, 2018 - Owned in personal collection

So, as I mentioned, I'm doing a 2018 Books I Already Own Reading Challenge.  However, I know myself, and if I don't allow myself at least one new, shiny book a month, I will end up quitting before March... SO, this is my January "Cheat" book.

I can't review this book in too much depth, as it is book four in the series and I'd be giving away big spoilers.  However, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and was glad that I had pre-ordered it and chosen it for my January "cheat." Cogman writes an admirable heroine who has just the right amount of smarts, style, grace, and kick-ass.  I love that while she in some ways depends on the men around her (Irene has no illusions about when her physical superiority is in question...), it is very clear that much more often, the men around her look to her for leadership and planning.

While I make a lot of jokes about Noah Wyle's The Librarian movies and the subsequent Indiana Jones style TV series, Irene Winters, in fact, lives the Librarian lifestyle that I would love to live if I were the heroine in a fantasy series.  Saving rare books for posterity.  Dealings with both dragons and fae?  Yes, please.  However, in real life, being a Librarian is not nearly so hard on one's potential health (ha!).

While you most definitely should start with book one of the series, The Invisible Library, I think so far this is my favorite addition to the series.  There is a very large moral issue, along with several smaller ethical dilemmas, being dealt with in this book, so the stakes are both physically and emotionally high.  Following Irene's choices pulled me pretty deep into her character and I found myself tearing up towards the end of the book as I thought she was going to end up being punished in the worst possible way for making the right decisions... then Cogman worked things out in just the right way for me to leave the book with a huge grin on my face! Perfect.

Now, back to reading the older books in my personal collection!

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