Friday, October 4, 2013


by Myra McEntire
Hourglass, book three

No time like the present.
No time in the present.
No time left. 

From the moment the Hourglass group violated the rules of the space time continuum to rescue a murdered loved one, time has been in flux. People from other centuries slide into our time, intruding into our space, threatening our world.

Frantically seeking a way to turn back this tide, the Hourglass begins a search for the legendary Infinityglass, tracking it to the city of New Orleans, a place where the past rests easily with the present.

Quiet, reliable Dune, the group's favorite geek, is selected to travel to the Crescent City and somehow retrieve the renowned object.

But there's a problem.

Because the Infinityglass is not an object, it's a person.
A beautiful, headstrong dancer named Hallie, a girl so enticing Dune can't take his eyes off her.

And time is not on her side. (Description from

I love this series.  
They are fun, romantic, and while time travel doesn't always make sense in general, at least here it seems clear enough on the surface, and there are rules set in place so that there are consequences if things are not done properly.  

But... back to the swoony-ness!  Dune.  Ah, Dune.  He was very hot (and smart!! Which I love...) in this book.  Even better, I really wanted to BE Hallie. She was cool, confident, smart...and yet, totally human.  She was a kick-@ss character.  

The setting.  New Orleans. *sigh* Every book I read set there just makes me want to get on a plane immediately.  I really need to see N'orlens soon.  SOON! 

I'm sad that this was the final book in the series, but I was satisfied.  I hope to read more from Myra McEntire someday.  

Full disclosure: Borrowed from my Library 

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