Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday's Movie and TV Talk! (5)

Welcome to Monday's Movie and TV Talk! I don't know if I'll do this every Monday, or just sporadically on Mondays, but I LOVE TV and movies, so I figured why not add some of that to the blog for fun?? It'll be especially awesome when I can tie things into the YA book world...

So, last weekend (I think...) my husband and I watched TED.  We were super excited because we both love FAMILY GUY and this was Seth MacFarlane's first "real" movie (If you don't count the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy).

I'm sorry to say, but I was disappointed in TED. You know when you watch a movie trailer sometimes and you pray that all the funniest bits have not just been shown in the teaser... well, sorry to say about 75% of the funniest bits of the whole movie were. :/

Now, I loved the idea of the movie (total flashback to my Teddy Ruxpin days...) and there were a few moments of PURE COMEDIC GOLD, but then it was like Seth MacFarlane was trying too hard to marry a raunchy guy comedy with a "chick flick." I think he was trying to create the ultimate date night movie - something funny enough to keep a guy's attention and romantic and heartfelt enough to make the ladies sigh - but it just didn't quite mesh and so there were definite moments when it felt like the movie dragged. 

I also really hated the premise that Lori kept trying to change John to make him into the guy she really "should" end up with for the rest of her life... Women, smarten up!! Guys do not change. You cannot make them. You don't like him?  Move on. 

Has anyone else seen TED? Care to weigh in??

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