Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mini Reviews: The Growing Up Graphic Novels Edition

Meet Lou! She's hardly your average 12 year old. Her handmade outfits are the talk of the school (even though they make the other girls laugh), and her homework gets a lot of attention from her teachers (even though it lands her in the shrink's office). Home sweet home is an apartment she shares with her couch-potato mom and a cat named Cat. At least she can pour her heart out to her best friend, Mina, and scribble her dreams in her secret diary.
Secret Diary
by Julien Neel

Lou! series, book one

Now that she's almost a teenager, Lou's life is becoming even more interesting. Playing with dolls has lost its appeal and the boy across the street gets cuter every day. The new neighbor, Richard, just might be the perfect match for Lou's mom. But will Lou or her mom ever pluck up their courage and actually talk to their crushes? (description from

This was a very cute series starter.  Though the cover art makes it look a little on the young side, this would actually be a great choice to hand to tween girl readers.  Lou and her mom have a wonderful relationship! They tackle life, love, and the pursuit of happiness together.

Summertime Blues
by Julien Neel
Lou! series, book two
Summertime is here! But there's no sun, surf, or sand for Lou. Instead, it's Brussels sprouts, mud, and mosquitoes. Lou and her mom are off to spend the summer with Memaw in the most boring town on earth. Lou's mom keeps busy by exchanging love letters with her new sweetheart, Richard, but Lou's crush, Tristan, only sends her a lousy postcard. Will meeting a new boy chase Lou's blues away? Paul's not exactly a heartthrob, but he's sweet and . . . unusual. He's nothing like Tristan, but could he be just as crush-worthy? (description from

Book two continues this cute series into the summer. Both Lou and her mom are totally bummed out, but they stick together.  I loved the addition of Memaw into their relationship and think they actually have a really strong family unit.  I can't wait to see what's in store for them all next...

He's a teen, he's a boat...He's TeenBoat!!

Teen Boat!
by Dave Roman
ill. by John Green
High school can be a time of terrible angst—Fs on tests, bullying jerks, broken hearts,
and late-stage puberty are just some of the potential issues that all teen boys face. But
what about the issues facing a Teen Boat? In this hilarious send-up of teen story tropes,
the best-selling author Dave Roman and the cartoonist John Green deliver high school
and high seas drama with a boatload of laughs. (description from

This book made me laugh out loud! It was funny and quick, out there, yet totally dealing with normal everyday teen issues, too.  I loved all the Dawson's Creek references, too. LOL.

Full disclosure: Lou series books borrowed from my library, Teen Boat borrowed through interlibrary loan


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