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The Cadet of Tildor Scavenger Hunt - Guest Review and Interview! (Oh, and a giveaway, LOL!)

Welcome to this stop on THE CADET OF TILDOR online scavenger hunt. If this is your first stop in the scavenger hunt, please go here ( to learn how to collect all of the online clues that will lead to fun, prizes, and more! Don't forget, you have until midnight (eastern standard time) on Mon. Nov. 12, 2012 to enter the grand prize drawing. Good luck!
Today, I am really pleased to welcome Jessica Noreault to the blog.  :)

As you can see, Jessica was lucky enough to snag an early copy of THE CADET OF TILDOR!!! *turns green with envy* Anyway...she was kind enough to not only let me post her early, and non-spoilery, I promise!, review, but to also let me badger her with ask her a few questions. 

So, without further ado, here is Jessica's review:

Amazing, kick ass scenes, that leave you craving more!
All I can say about this book, is that it was better than I had hoped. It left you guessing the whole time, and came together at the end very nicely. You never get bored with it, and the second you think you have something figured out BAM Lidell hits you with a new twist to it!

Overall summary of the book
De Winters is a young girl who just wants to protect her people from the vicious deeds of a group called 'the family'. To do this she is working to become a cadet and serve the crown. Unfortunately, she is the only girl left among several powerful guys, and this is her last chance to prove that she can be just as good as them. Along the way she learns so much about herself, her family, and her friends. Her beliefs are put to the test, her true strength is forced to show, and she has many difficult choices to make.

Renee De Winters is a girl that many females will be able to relate to. I recommend this book to anyone who loves Tamora Pierce, Maria V Snyder, Kristin Cashore, and so on. Lidell weaves a beautiful story with many wonderful characters that you find it easy to fall in love with - or hate, depending on the scene. I went back and forth many times with a lot of the characters. They all have very distinct personalities, innocence, loyalty, strength, and honor. It is all slammed into this wonderful story. I honestly cannot wait for book 2, and Lidell has someone hounding her for any little tid bits she would give. Unfortunately D: she's not giving me anything! Haha, but seriously people. Keep an eye out for this book!

Okay, now I am just a little insanely jealous that she's already read this and I CANNOT wait to get my hands on it!! So, let's talk a little more about it, shall we? LOL.

You mention that Renee is the only girl training amongst the guys. Did she have to pass a special trial to gain acceptance? Was there a lot of hostility that she was training with them?

She's actually the only girl LEFT training among them. There were others, but they did not have what it takes to continue. As far as a trial thing goes, well you'll just have to read the book to find out, won'tcha. ;D Finally, there really isn't a massive amount of hostility towards her, it's more typical, 'we are guys, thus we can do better' sort of thing, but that's all. Each boy handles things differently when it comes down to having a girl in their ranks.

You mention how all of the characters are fully faceted. Do you have a favorite?

My favorite is a toss up between three. Obviously, De Winters, but everyone should love her. Savoy is another wonderful character, but once more he is just someone that everyone will love.  My final favorite is Diam who is just and wonderful. I cannot tell you anything about him, just that he is probably one of my MOST favorite characters in existence. Or non-existence. Ha ha.

Can you describe the world that Renee lives in using 10 words or less?

Unique and well thought out. 'Bout all I can say about that. :P

Once again, I want to thank Jessica for stopping by and giving us a little more insight into the book!

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