Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday's Movie and TV Talk!

Okay, this is another new feature that I'm going to try out here... I don't know if I'll do this every Monday, or just sporadically on Mondays, but I LOVE TV and movies, so I figured why not add some of that to the blog for fun?? It'll be especially awesome when I can tie things into the YA book world...

So... today, I want to talk a little bit about the TV show, GRIMM. 

It's my second favorite show right now and it just went into a season break for the Holidays. I can't wait until it returns in January...especially since it ended with the dreaded TO BE CONTINUED...
I will, however, forgive GRIMM for this horrible tease because they just keep writing an excellent show that feeds into both my love of gritty fairy tales and cop drama. I love the idea of a homicide detective that can see the creatures that go bump in the night... it makes for some very interesting cases!
*Spoiler(s) Alert*
Okay. We are currently in season two.  I don't know how many of you are also GRIMM fanatics, but I love how this season has somehow gotten even grittier with Nick tapping more into the power (and the scare tactics it can provide) that he weilds as a Grimm over the Wesen population. 
The fact that he now not only has Monroe as a great sidekick, one who can interact more easily with the Wesen population, but now has also revealed everything to Hank (aka sidekick #2!) makes for a very interesting trio of investigators. This last episode also brought Monroe and Nick to a whole new level of "doing whatever it takes" to keep those around them safe...breaking laws, both officially written and those that are unspoken between the Wesen.  :)
I am super excited to see what happens in January with the "Battle Royale"... Will Nick discover that not only did the Captain try to inadvertantly steal his woman, but is also the secret Royal in Portland? Will Juliette truly leave Nick?  Will Nick cross all the lines and be unable to come back?  Dun. Dun. Dunnnn! 

*End Spoilers*

Let me know if you're also a GRIMM watcher and what you think may happen... but be kind and prepare people for spoilers in your comments if you're going to make any!!!

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