Thursday, November 15, 2012

My 1,000th Post!

I can't believe that I have written 1,000 posts on this blog! It seems incredible to think that I've had the time and energy to do that, but even on the days when I'd rather not blog for one reason or another, if you asked me I would still say that I love doing this.  I love to talk about books. I love to speculate about what's coming out, if the movies they are making from books will be worthwhile... I love talking to other bloggers and authors. I'm hoping that I can blog for at least another 1,000 posts!!
Before I start my next post, I just want to say a special thank you to some of the authors and bloggers that have encouraged me, put up with my online stalking, I mean... LOL, anyway...
Jennifer Rummel - - for inspiring me to blog in the first place.
Rebecca Rynecki - - for keeping me going and working with me to also become a pulished author...
Gretchen Kolderup - and for getting me much more involved in YALSA and encouraging me to also blog for The HUB!!
Carrie Harris - - for being not only a fabulous author but a snarktastic blogger!
Tera Lynn Childs - - for being one of the first (and still...) authors to continuously take the time to chat with me online! LOVE.
Alex Lidell - - for inspiring me again and trusting me to organize an online scavenger hunt on her behalf!


  1. AW! Thanks :) and I love reading your blog, so happy that you've reached 1000 posts!

  2. wow! congrats!! like you i started in 2008-2009 but only have, i guess 600 posts. lol need some motivation here....

  3. Wow, thank you soooo much. I am so happy to have met you and please know that you have totally made my day many a time.

  4. Thank you guys! :) :)

    I also just realized I accidentally mixed up links in my post. Gretchen's blog can be found here: