Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Dark Deeps

The Dark Deeps
by Arthur Slade
The Hunchback Assignments, book two

A fantastic Steampunk adventure in the deeps

Transforming his appearance and stealing secret documents from the French is all in a day’s work for fourteen-year-old Modo, a British secret agent. But his latest mission—to uncover the underwater mystery of something called the Ictíneo—seems impossible. There are rumors of a sea monster and a fish as big as a ship. French spies are after it, and Mr. Socrates, Modo’s master, wants to find it first. Modo and his fellow secret agent, Octavia, begin their mission in New York City, then take a steamship across the North Atlantic. During the voyage, Modo uncovers an astounding secret. (description from

This was a very cool and exciting middle grade steampunk adventure. I loved "Modo" as a character. He is well-intentioned, brave, kind, and fiercely loyal. His shape-shifting ability, which makes for some fantastic disguises btw..., is really well considered and written out. I also loved how Modo was not the only classic horror character in the series. There are appearances by Dr. Hyde which made me smile, even as what he was doing made me squirm.

I loved the fact that this was an underwater adventure. I love submarines (ummm... in books - I don't think I could handle actually being IN one) and the early imagined versions here were just, well...COOL! The scientific advances were awesome.

I definitely plan to read the next book in this series! I love the spies, friendships, secrets, and adventure! Plus, the audio version is great.

Full disclosure: Audio book received for SLJ review

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