Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Body at the Tower

The Body at the Tower
by Y.S. Lee
The Agency, book two

Mary Quinn is back, now a trusted member of the Agency, the all-female detective unit operating out of Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls. Her new assignment sends her into the grimy underbelly of Victorian London dressed as a poor boy, evoking her own childhood memories of fear, hunger, and constant want. As she insinuates herself into the confidence of several persons of interest, she encounters others in desperate situations and struggles to make a difference without exposing —or losing —her identity. (description taken from

A second great undercover adventure! Lee peppers this series with such wonderful detail that readers can't help but be drawn into the possible world of a secret women's spy agency. Mary's foray into the "man's world" in construction not only yeilds fabulous detail about gender identity in this period, but also gives readers info on how the Houses of Parlaiment and Big Ben were constructed and became the icons we know today.

This was a great read, full of adventure and mystery. I am curious to see how this trilogy is going to be wrapped up in the final book. I'm honestly not quite sure what the final story arc is supposed to be...other than finding out if James and Mary can finally be together, that is!!!

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