Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cyberia: Prime Evil

Cyberia: Prime Evil
by Chris Lynch
Cyberia, book three

Zane and his animal comrades have foiled Dr. Gristle's terrible plots twice--he can't talk to animals, and he can't get at the heart of what makes them wild. Zane can talk to them. He can understand them. He almost is one. Almost.

Zane keeps getting in Dr. Gristle's way though - and he's being sent as far out of the way as Gristle can get him. In fact, he's being sent right into the middle of a new plot of the bad doctor's--and in his new, utterly foreign surroundings, he's entirely too human.

Just what has Gristle done to make these new animals so angry? Can't they see that Zane is their Friend?

In order to get home, Zane must figure out a way to stop Gristle's new plan and make some new friends before he becomes animal feed--or worse. It's time to defeat the evil Dr. Gristle once and for all! (description taken from

This was a fun, fast adventure read! Zane is a normal(ish) young teen boy that, luckily, can now speak to animals. His nemesis, Dr. Gristle, is always trying to take advantage of Zane's furry friends and he's having none of it!

I loved the scientific concept of the CattleLivid Converters in this book! What a cool idea - battery power derived from the emotions of the animals. Needless to say, collecting the "acid" for these batteries is done in a way that Zane must stop!

Full of zany antics, wordplay, and new friends/frenemies this was a great ending to the trilogy.

Full disclosure: Book received from SLJ for review.

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