Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Cutest Giraffe Picture Book YET!

The Short Giraffe 
by Neil Flory and Mark Cleary

Geri is the shortest giraffe in the herd, which causes all kinds of problems when Boba the baboon tries to take a photo. Can Geri stretch up tall enough to be in the picture? Or are the other giraffes looking at things from the wrong perspective? (description from

What an ADORABLE picture book! Okay, I'm totally biased because I *love* giraffes, but... this is short, sweet, has great illustrations and models nice behavior for little ones.  

Poor little Geri is too short to be in the group photo, so the other giraffes try ALL types of ideas to get him to be tall enough to show in the picture.  They put him on stilts, they blow him up like a balloon, so that he'll float up in the picture... the hilarious attempts go on and on. 

When nothing works out the way they hope, Geri gets discouraged...until they realize that maybe they've been looking at the problem the wrong way! If they can't get Geri to be taller... maybe they can all be a little shorter... 

And once they bent down to Geri's height, they got the perfect photo... 

So cute.  I really loved it.  

The images are bright and fun, but are also simple and "clean" enough that small children would have no problem identifying what's happening.  Very easy for storytime or just reading aloud at home as a family.  

Full disclosure: Borrowed through interlibrary loan 

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