Monday, August 15, 2011

WANT!!! Minimalist posters for your favorite children's stories

Saw a great link to this site with MINIMALIST posters for your favorite children's stories.

These are amazing! My personal favorite is the Little Red Riding Hood one.
So simple, yet so evocative! LURVE...want.

And for my friend Becca over at Alice: Journey of a Fake Writer...

Here's another great Alice cover for you!!


  1. I just have to ask... is the symbol for the cowardly lion... lion balls? Because that is disgusting/kind of awesome.

  2. You know, that was MY first thought, too! Then I tried to convince myself that it was the lion's whiskered muzzle...preparing for a growl, but yes...I think those are to show him looking for some cajones! Finding his courage *cough, balls...*

    Though I immediately felt awkward when I saw it, I also LOVE the concept, really and think it's awesome...for an adult take on THE WIZARD OF OZ. Not so much to put on the wall in a kid's

  3. That's pretty fantastic. I kind of want to buy it to put in like a man cave or something. Like in a finished basement. It was just so unexpected. I was reading the comments and others seem to agree that that's what they are lol.

  4. Hey Jessica
    These posters are great. I am going to use them for a contest for Teen Read Week. Thanks for the link.

    Ann Marie

  5. Aren't they great?! They make awesome prizes for your teens. :)