Sunday, July 17, 2011

The End of Time

The End of Time
by P. W. Catanese
Books of Umber, book three

The adventures of Happenstance and Umber reach their epic, surprising, and emotional conclusion. As Happenstance struggles to master his unusual abilities, he realizes that time is running out -- because Umber's rivals threaten to undo all the good he has achieved, while an unexpected new enemy with terrible destructive power approaches the kingdom. (description from

I loved this conclusion to the Books of Umber series. Happenstance is still one of my favorite middle grade characters. Catanese is so good at imagining interesting and intriguing characters, both good and bad.

Umber is an amazingly interesting and quirky character. His merry band of adventurers are also lovable. Each has their own multidimensional uniqueness. I love how no character is perfect...just a single flaw can make someone so much more fascinating.

I especially love Catanese's imagination for "bad guys." They are creepy, intense, and believable. He manages to take the fantastic and bring it to everyday life. In that way, the Books of Umber is able to believably mix our world and the fantasy of Umber's new world.

With amazing sights and adventures, quirky characters, and fantastic friendships, the Books of Umber series officially lives on my bookshelves as one of my favorites.

Full disclosure: Review copy received from publisher

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