Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anasazi Blog Tour

by Emma Michaels
A Sense of Truth, book two

One year ago, something happened to David. Following the only clue he had he headed out into the desert.

Now he has asked me to come see him. But when I arrived, he was gone. The people in town claim they have never heard of him and everyone wants me to leave. But I know he was here and he is in trouble. He can't survive out there for long. Can he?

David: I will find you. (description from author's blog)

Book two of the Sense of Truth series was somewhat different from the first, The Thirteenth Chime. The narrators were different, but loosely connected through the secondary (?) character, David. The settings were totally different, but again connected through David. The feel to both books, however, was the same.

Again, though I sometimes felt distance during character interactions, Emma Michaels is excellent at building suspense. The first half of the book was about a girl named Megan arriving in a desert town to meet the guy she likes, only to find that he's mysteriously gone, and trying to figure out how to find him. The second half of the book, which really picked up for me, really dealt with Megan figuring out that David's disappearance was malicious. She finds him and then they have to deal with the people that are trying to make them disappear.

The desert setting was really well done and fit the dangerous feel of the mystery surrounding David's disappearance. At first, I could not figure out the connection between this book and The Thirteenth Chime which was set in a coastal town. Then I realized that David was on the hunt for more information about his theory that people can sense more than just what we think at this point, but I didn't make that connection until I was almost done with this book. In some ways, I feel that these two books are much stronger taken individually than as part of a series, but maybe when book three comes out and David delves even deeper into his theory it will feel more cohesive.

I really liked Megan as a character, much better in fact than Destiny from the first book. Megan is tough, self-reliant, and sarcastic. She can also be sweet, though. I loved watching her relationship with David develop. He's a pretty cool guy, too, and I'm interested to see where he goes in the next book.

My favorite bits of the book, though, really dealt with the Hopi. You could tell that Emma Michaels had done quite a bit of research. It was very intriguing to picture the cave dwellings and artifacts and to delve a little more into their history. My only wish was that their connection to David and his theory had been revealed a little earlier in the book.

Full disclosure: ARC received from publisher/author to review for blog tour

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