Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some may call it BEA...but to me it will always be BOOK CHRISTMAS!!

The day I go to BEA each May, is my favorite day of the really! For me, it beats out my birthday, it beats out my anniversary (sorry honey!), it even beats out Christmas.

Well, because for me it is BOOK CHRISTMAS.

It is an entire day devoted to a love of books and all things bookish. There is nothing I love more than to be surrounded by authors, publishers, librarians, bloggers, and book lovers of all kinds. There is a wild book frenzy that hits the air. It's a palpable excitement that powers me through the day even as my feet, shoulders, and head begin to ache...

There is nothing like going to BEA. There are people everywhere. If you don't have a plan of some kind, you will literally go in circles. With some careful planning, comfortable shoes, and the knowledge that you will have a fangirl (or fanguy!) moment at least once that day where you cannot speak for the shear awesomeness of who is near you...

(Scott Westerfeld literally stood two feet away from me last year for about 20 mins - thought I would expire from the sheer awesomeness of his near genius...Rachel Vincent thought she knew me from somewhere else - "Are you sure we didn't go to high school together?"...I literally stammered when I met Diana Peterfreund because I am OBSESSED with her books...) will have an awesome time and most likely throw your plan out the window as soon as you get there! I cannot wait to go and will be there on Tuesday, May 24th this year. I hope to see some of you wandering the floors or in line for signings!!

Later next week I hope to have a post with all the awesome things I've picked up at BEA and some more great author/publisher stories to share!


  1. You're so lucky to be able to go every year! I hope to go next year--if I can save up the money for a trip to New York!

  2. Thanks! I love it. I suppose this is one of the perks of living in CT. It's only a shortish train ride away to the Javitz Center in NYC!!