Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fins are Forever

Fins Are Forever
by Tera Lynn Childs
Forgive My Fins, book two

On Lily Sanderson’s eighteenth birthday she’ll become just a girl—still a mer girl, true, but signing the renunciation paperwork will ink Princess Waterlily of Thalassinia out of existence. That leaves plain old Lily living on land, dating the boy she loves, and trying to master this being human thing once and for all.

Now that Lily and Quince are together, mer-bond or not, she’s almost content to give up her place in the royal succession of Thalassinia. But just when she thinks she has everything figured out, Lily’s father sends a certain whirlpool-stirring cousin to stay with her on land. What did Doe do to get herself exiled from Thalassinia and stuck in terraped form, when everyone knows how much she hates humans? And why why why is she batting her eyelashes at Lily’s former crush, Brody?

The seafoam on the surf comes when a merboy from Lily’s past shows up. Tellin asks Lily for something that clouds her view of the horizon. There’s a future with Quince on land, her loyalty to the kingdom in the sea, and Lily tossing on the waves in the middle. Will she find a way to reconcile her love, her duty, and her dreams? (description taken from

I can't tell you how happy I was to dive back into the beautiful world of Thalassinia. This is truly what I've always imagined the world of merpeople to be like...a beautiful castle, a lovely (and yes, at times, dangerous) kingdom full of interesting people with gorgeous fins. Really, didn't you always want to be a mermaid...or, er...merman?

I really enjoyed seeing Lily and Quince's relationship tested in this second book. They work really well together and had just the right amount of passion. I couldn't believe when TLC threw another merman into the mix! Talk about tension. I was really happy to see, though, how Lily managed to find the right balance in her life, politically and romantically. It made for a great ending!!

Speaking of learning to find of my favorite characters in this book was Lily's cousin, Doe. Her character had great depth here as she learned to accept humans as well as merfolk and finds her own true love. Her situation really helped Lily to cope with her own. What a great addition to the story!

One of my favorite series to recommend as we get closer to summer! Tera Lynn Childs manages to bring the ocean alive in the best possible way and just makes me want to start wading in to find my own merman. *sigh*

Full disclosure: ARC sent by author/publisher for review
2011 Shifter Reading Challenge Title


  1. Hmmm. I. don't think I realized this was a sequel. I will have to be sure I ordered book one too.

  2. I do hope there's more to this series!

  3. @Jen - Me too! I would love to see the political situation played out in a third book!

  4. GREAT review :) I am secretly hating! can't believe you were able to get your hands on Fins are Forever so early! thanks so sharing.