Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Down with CT "Plan B"

Normally I try not to get too involved in politics. I try not to discuss it too often because politics can make people really upset. However, there are a few issues that will make me speak out...

Our state government is in deep trouble. Somehow our Connecticut budget has gotten so bad that our Governor is now proposing the type of massive budget cuts that I've never actually seen, only just heard horror stories about.

On the chopping block - oh, lots of things...
Not only have almost 5,000 state workers already lost their jobs, but the Governor also wants to cut:

All 17 of the Vocational Technical high schools in CT.
The Office of the Child Advocate - completely
80 percent of the staff of the state Education Department
CT Historical Museum
CT state archives

...and for me, most devestatingly...


How is it possible that we could even consider closing the state library? Not only would it impact every single CT resident by taking away our CCar program (interlibrary loan), our CCard program (ability to use library card at any other library in the state), but it would also take away the state funded databases,, and the Library Service Centers which support libraries across CT. about we put it in a way that our politicians could understand directly? Where do our legislators do their research and house their archives? THE STATE LIBRARY.

What will THEY do without it? Talk about shooting yourself in the proverbial foot.

My heart aches for state workers all across the state. My heart aches for all those people that have not yet realized how much this move will impact their everyday lives. Unfortunately we need to acknowledge that people will immediately get up in arms about education...libraries? Sometimes they need a push.

For months we've been explaining to patrons at work about what CCar and CCard are...and what the difference between the two programs is...and what it will mean if we lose those programs. Just when we thought we'd saved them...Plan B. Grr...

Okay. My rant is done for tonight, but I had to get this out. I had to Speak Out. I had to shout to the rooftops, "Down with Plan B!" If this actually goes through I think that the state of Connecticut will be devestated. My hope - that enough people will stand up and refuse to accept this...that we can actually stave off this awful possibility.

So...if you live in CT or know someone who does, please, please, please make them aware of "Plan B" and what's being potentially cut. Not just for librarians, but for everyone in CT.

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