Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Get to Know...Kim Harrington!

Today, I am super excited to welcome debut author, Kim Harrington to the blog! I reviewed her book, Clarity, as part of a blog tour just the other day (check it out here) and couldn't stop raving about it. It's one of my new favorite books!

I am honored that Kim was able to take the time to answer a few quick questions for me!

1. I loved the fact that each member of the Fern family had different psychic abilities. What type of research did you do to decide what would be needed in the story?

I visited a few psychics. They all have their own style. (Though none of the ones I visited were too mind-blowing with their accuracy.) I didn’t do too much research on the particular gifts. I made my own rules for them.

2. I loved the sibling relationship between Clare and Perry. Was their relationship always going to be that strong, or did that develop as the book did?

They’re one of my favorite relationships to write! Yes, I’d always planned it to be strong. I knew they were opposite in many ways and sometimes wanted to strangle each other, but would always back the other up when needed.

3. Clare reminds me a lot of TV heroine/detective Veronica Mars (who I loved, btw!). Were there any strong influences when you were creating Clare?

Veronica Mars was definitely an influence! I loved that show and was so sad when it ended. I still hope they’ll be able to make their planned movie someday. *OMG - Me too! I would love a VM TV movie!!

4. If Clare could go anywhere on vacation, where do you think she would go…considering she’s from the Cape (a typical vacation spot)?

She gets enough of the sand at home, so a beach vacation is out. Maybe she’d travel to Europe —lots of historic sites and interesting things to “touch.”

5. Can you tell us anything about the next “Clarity” book right now? Or any other projects?

I can tell you that it's finished already, and it will be out in March 2012. Clare will have another mystery to solve. And the events of book one have repercussions for many characters. I also have a standalone coming out in Fall 2012, a ghost story, that I’m excited about!

6. What was the last book that you read that you would recommend to other readers?

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins. I think Clare and Sophie would be BFF if their worlds crossed. ;)
*I think you are totally right...maybe you and Rachel need to discuss a crossover book... (wink, wink!)

7. Quick Picks: Favorite Vacation Destination? Favorite Childhood Book? Favorite Movie? Favorite Food? Favorite Clothing Item?

Vacation: Disney World. I’m kind of a Disney freak. I’ve been sixteen times and counting.

Childhood Book: I had a picture book that I absolutely adored, but I have no idea what the title is. I blogged about it here:

Movie: This is going to sound weird, but I think my favorite movie of all time is Poltergeist. It’s a perfectly crafted horror film. Absolutely classic.

Food: Pizza from the Lynwood Café in Randolph , MA .

Clothing: Jeans. Not one particular pair. Just jeans. I wear them every day in fall, winter, and spring.

Thanks so much for having me, Jessica! :)

No, really Kim, thank you SOOO much for stopping by! I loved Clarity. If any of you haven't already put it on your TBR list...go. Go now! Do it! Don't forget to check out Kim Harrington's website, too.


  1. great interview - can't WAIT to read Clarity!

  2. Thanks Jen! I was super excited to do this'll love Clarity. I can't wait now to read the second's gonna be awhile before it comes out, though... *sigh*