Friday, February 9, 2018

Coveting the New and Shiny

While I'm sticking to my guns and working within the confines of my self-imposed 2018 Books I Already Own Challenge, I have to admit I am COVETING all the new and shiny books I see all over social media...and in my own Library.  *sigh*
My January Cheat Book
My February Cheat Book

I am allowing myself one new book a month as my "cheat book," and while that's helping, it's very much also forcing me to be VERY, very choosy.  I have a list of potential cheat books already and as more books get published this year, I'm sure it will be added to, and I cannot see how I'm possibly going to survive having to parcel them out one per month without dying of jealousy when I cannot get to the whole list I'm dying to read, LOL!!

Just for the first three months of the year alone, I have a list of another six books I'm making grabby hands at... definitely not going to work out for the one per month rate I'd been hoping would just be a nice and easy way to satisfy my urge for the new and shiny. 😂

Anyway, I haven't yet decided what my cheat book will be for March, and there aren't any I'm desperately coveting in April yet, so I may be able to read two of these at least without going outside my challenge:

Released in January
Released in January
Released in February

Released in February
Released in February
Releasing in March

It's so hard sometimes to put off reading the shiny, new, gorgeous and awesome sounding books that everyone else is reading and enjoying, but I did challenge myself this year and it's meant to be tough and I want to try to keep with it for as long as possible.  So... I guess a couple of these will be going onto my list to read in 2019.  Now, how to decide???? *wails*

Any other books you're coveting this spring?

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