Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why So Silent?? A NEW JOB...That's why! may have noticed that I haven't posted for more than two weeks. 


That's one of the longest quiet periods on my blog, well...ever.

I'm so sorry, I left you all hanging, BUT...I had a really excellent reason for my "radio silence."

As of November 12th, I officially became the Adult Services Supervisor at my Library.  A huge promotion with lots of new responsibilities and exciting duties...and well, some adjustment has definitely been in order. 

So, I took a little break to just sort of get some things under my belt at work.  Not that I haven't still been reading a ton at home, but I just had too many things rolling around in my brain to sit down long enough to blog.  

I also finished up my state award nomination reading committee last week, so now (aside from the review books I get from SLJ, VOYA, and AudioFile), I'll be able to READ WHATEVER I WANT!!!!!!

I missed that anticipatory feeling of being able to lazily wander bookshelves until something just screamed out "read me!" I have so many books I want to get to...but the best part is... I can just get to them whenever I feel like it. Amazeballs.

So, you should be hearing a lot more from me now...I'm hoping to revitalize the blog a little bit. Spruce it up. Ramp up the fun.  It's gonna be a whole new year soon!  Gotta make the blog match what I'd like to think I look like professionally now:

Well, maybe not quite that chic...but, hey, it gives me something to aim for right?  

Lots of love to you all for sticking with me through thick and thin... and here's to the beginning of new, great things!!

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  1. reading what you want is amazing!!!! I need to do that more often!