Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blog Tour - Little Fish

I am excited to be part of the LITTLE FISH blog tour today!  As some of you know, I've been trying to foray more into the world of graphic novels and this one sounded like one that I could get behind.  AND I WAS RIGHT! 

Ramsey Beyer was a teenager from a small town in Michigan, looking forward to her first year living in a city far away from home. She chronicled that year in a seres of zines featuring personalized lists (such as "things I can't wait for" and "top 10 worst sounds") alongside comic illustrations. Through her blog, Ramsey also reflected on her struggles with loneliness, friendship and potential romance. Her new book, Little Fish: A Memoir from A Different Kind of Year, weaves all of these materials into a poignant, beautifully illustrated, and deeply reflective graphic memory detailing her transformation to an eighteen-year-old city dwelling art student. Little Fish perfectly captures that time in a young person's life when the past feels abandoned, the future seems totally open, and every day is a revelation.

This book is perfect for whomever you may have in your life that is entering college for the first time or even just a going through a totally new phase in their life. It's easy to read, easy to relate to, and made me laugh out loud in spots.  Ramsey chronicles her first year in college through lists, journal entries, and zine articles.  Each page felt as new and different and exciting as Ramsey's foray into Baltimore...her very first city experience.  

As some one who occasionally has trouble following comics or graphic novels, I'm very pleased to report I had no trouble at all with this one.  Each character is distinguishable from the others and are introduced in ways that make them pretty easy to remember.  It's just like making new friends in real life. In fact, I found myself heartbroken to leave them all behind at the end of the year...and I'd actually love to read about Ramsey's sophomore year to catch up with them again!! 

As a book set in college, this is not a book for younger readers (there is some foul language and discussion about sexual activity) but I think that older high school readers, those already in college, and even full-blown adults will relate to and thoroughly enjoy this one! 

photo credit: Michael Cantor

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  1. Even though it was been years since I was a freshman in college (or even in college), I liked this book too. I'm becoming a fan of graphic novels/memoirs. This one makes for a great recommendation for readers looking for graphic novels (or memoirs).

    I enjoyed your review! Like you I'd like to read about her sophomore year too.