Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blog Tour - Blackmoore

I am extremely excited to be participating in the blog tour for Julianne Donaldson's newest book, Blackmoore.  I loved her first novel, Edenbrooke (in fact, I gave it a starred review here!) so much that I VOWED to be part of the blog tour for her next "Proper Romance" if it was humanly possible...and here we are, LOL. 

Blackmoore is the newest book in Shadow Mountain Publishing's A Proper Romance brand. 
A Proper Romance indicates a clean, smart, engaging, romantic story that will never embarass the reader. Now, I am not one to pass up any type of romance when I'm in the right mood, but I love the elegance and timelessness of the Proper Romance books.  They feel like absolutely anyone could read and enjoy them and I personally will recommend anything that Julianne Donaldson writes!

So, let's talk more about Blackmoore

Kate Worthington knows she can never have her heart’s desire and so believes she will never marry. But Kate’s meddlesome mother has other plans. Kate journeys to the stately manor of Blackmoore on the cliffs above the seashore, where she must face the truth and the man that has kept her heart captive.

Set in northern England, Blackmoore is a Regency romance that tells the story of a young woman struggling to learn to follow her heart. With hints of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, Blackmoore is a page-turning tale of romance, intrigue and devotion.

Once again, Donaldson won my heart.  I thoroughly enjoyed this romance.  Told through a series of flashbacks, readers get to see Kate's history unfold.  Learning the sordid truth about her older sister and her mother's scheming, scandalous ways... learning about how she lost her heart to the one man she can't have... 

This book actually reminded me a little of Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The intelligent, talented daughter with bigger dreams than just following her mother's wishes of a "good" marriage. As Kate must deal with laughable suitors, an embarassing family, and having to see the man that she doesn't want to admit she loves, she also fights to break free of the life she sees herself imprisoned within.  Her pluck and determination are admirable.  Kate's story grabbed my heartstrings and simply wouldn't let go.  

When I finished the book, I found myself sighing aloud and already mentally counting down until another is announced.  To me, that is the ultimate test...and Blackmoore passed with flying colors! 

Want to learn more about Julianne Donaldson and Blackmoore?
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Full disclosure: Review copy received from publisher for blog tour 

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