Friday, April 26, 2013

My Obsession with French Bulldogs

So, lately I have become obsessed with the cuteness that is the French Bulldog!!

How could you not love a face like this??  They are adorable and almost pocket-sized! I just want to adopt one and be able to smoosh it's face and pick it up and carry it and snuggle it on the couch watching tv and...okay, okay, yes I know I'm getting a little carried away. Anyway, you get the idea. I'm a *little* obsessed at the moment.

So, what does a librarian do when they become obsessed with something? Read and research, of course!!

First, I found this hilarious little book on our donations cart at work, so I just HAD to take it home to browse through for a few days before it went into our book sale.

Is that not the funniest thing ever? This author seriously discusses dressing all these dogs up "appropriately" for various events and doggy playdates. LOL.  I just basically kept flipping through the pictures and thinking how adorable Daisy the Frenchie looked!

Then I decided to get a little more serious in my reading and I not only read about French Bulldogs online, but I also took out a book, granted it's a kids' book, but still it has all the basic info, from the library to read.

So, I learned that the average French Bulldog only gets to be about 25 pounds (perfect for carrying!), they live to be about 12 years old, they are playful, affectionate, and ummm...yes, adorable!!

They do have some potential health issues, but then what breed doesn't? work on my husband so that someday I can adopt one... *plots*

And just for fun, another cute puppy pic!! AWWWW!!!

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  1. aaww it looked like my stuffed toy way back in high school LOL very adorable indeed!