Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sneak Peek at Carrie Harris' BAD YETI!!!!

Bad Yeti
by Carrie Harris
Kate Grable series, novella
Set in the world of BAD TASTE IN BOYS and BAD HAIR DAY, this digital story is the perfect introduction into the funny high school world of Carrie Harris, where humor meets horror (and sometimes zombies, werewolves, yetis, and yes, even unicorns).
Jonah Grable hasn’t minded living in the shadow of his older, zombie fighting sister Kate, but this weekend he’s definitely raising his profile. A weekend of epic epicness — waving swords and flirting with girls in elf ears at his LARP club event — is totally up Jonah’s alley. But when his alter ego, Sir Talatien Maguirier, Nightdark Clanlord, comes face to face with a real, live Yeti, Jonah — or, rather, Tal — has to take matters into his own hands. So he sets off with gamer goddess Lady Amethyst, brown-eyed Europa, and Calamity, a braid-wearing barbarian in fur into the great unknown on a search for yeti-related awesomeness… (description from Carrie's website)

Okay, so you may have seen my slightly gushy review of Bad Taste in Boys (here) and my Gold Star review of Bad Hair Day (here)... you may have seen me on the webs having a slight author crush and stalking, I mean constantly chatting up Carrie Harris, herself.  What can I say? Carrie and her books are officially awesomesauce and on my MUST BUY THE DAY THEY COME OUT list.

Well, I am beyond stoked to be one of the lucky bloggers that is able to give you all a little sneak preview at the above-mentioned novella, Bad Yeti!  I'm so excited to read this because, I mean come on not only are there Yetis involved, but it also has to do with LARPing (which I am totally fascinated with in that can't quite wrap my head around it way...) and is told from the persepective of Kate's younger brother, Jonah, who I LURVE. 

Want a sneak peek? Well, here you go. This is the beginning of chapter one and is a perfect little teaser, LOL...

If I’d known that girls go crazy over zombie slayers, I would have gone medieval on some undead a long time ago.

Sure, I’m the smallest guy in the freshman class, smaller even than Kai Tipton, and his mom is a bona fide little person. And maybe I’m addicted to computer games, like Dragons of Roargan Kross, and yes, the jocks sometimes duct-tape me to toilets for fun. But once I’d kicked some zombie butt?

The ladies loved me.

Of course, going to homecoming with the Kiki Carlyle, our homecoming queen, hadn’t hurt either. And Kiki was definitely on my mind this morning. I slapped some gel on my hands and ran them through my do. I looked a whole inch taller. Now I’d come all the way up to Kiki’s shoulder.

“You’re going to miss the bus, dorkwad.” Kate—my sister—stuck her head into the bathroom, ruining the nice Kiki-related daydreams I’d been entertaining, and ruffled my hair. I shrank about a quarter inch.

“Die, lich spawn!” I yelled, throwing the bottle of gel in her general direction.

She took off, and I tore down the stairs in hot pursuit. I would have caught her too, if I hadn’t turned the corner and nearly bulldozed Kiki herself. If Kate had wanted to motivate me, she should have known that the presence of a goddess in the house would have worked. I skidded to a stop and almost swallowed my tongue as I took in the view.

The girl of my dreams stood in our entryway. Her blond hair was pulled into a ponytail, exposing a slender neck. That neck killed me. I’d spent a whole night staring at it while we danced at homecoming. But her looks weren’t the best thing about her. What got me the most was that she smiled every time she saw me. Always had.

This time, she laughed outright. I grinned back. Kate kept on going toward the kitchen, cackling madly like she’d won something. Maybe she’d won the battle, but no way would she take the war.

I knew a lot about battle tactics from playing Roargan Kross.

“Kiki!” I grinned up at her. “What’s the girl of my dreams doing in my house this fine morning?”

She blushed a little. “I thought you and Kate might like a ride. It’s better than the bus, right?”

“Thanks!” My voice squeaked, but I pretended not to notice, and so did she. “I’ll be sixteen next month, so maybe then I’ll drive you around.”


She might have been out of my league, but she didn’t scoff. She totally liked me; I could sense it.

“Maybe.” She jingled her keys, smiling. “So listen. I wanted to ask you something.”

“Anything.” I meant it too. At that moment, or any moment, really, I would have died for her.

I don't know about you, but I am DYING to read the rest now. I'm not even really sure that I can wait until November 13th!!

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