Saturday, October 20, 2012

Live Through This

Live Through This
by Mindi Scott

If Coley Sterling’s best friend would stop hating her, if her dance-team captains would lighten up, if her friends would stop asking her about Reece, the geeky sax player she’s crushing on—then her life would be perfect. Right? After all, Coley’s stepdad is a successful attorney who gives Coley and her siblings everything, and her mother will stop at nothing to keep them all happy and safe—including having escaped ten years ago from the abuse of Coley’s real father.  But Coley is keeping a lot of secrets. She won’t admit—not even to herself—that her almost-perfect life is her own carefully crafted facade. Now, Coley and Reece are getting closer, and a decade’s worth of Coley’s lies are on the verge of unraveling—along with the life she thought she knew. (description from
This. This is a doozy of a book. It is gripping, it is un-put-downable.  Once I had gotten about 20 pages in, there was no stopping. I read straight through until the last page, tears streaming down my face in several spots, shivers running down my spine.  I could not tear myself away. 

This is not a book for everyone. It is in your face about a very inappropriate sexual relationship and the author doesn't really pull any punches in describing what's happening.  But for the right reader, this is THE book. The one that will change their life. Whether it just be that reluctant reader who needs a compelling story to convince them that they can enjoy reading, or whether it's the teen actually dealing with the same emotional fallout...this book will find its readers.

I have already unequivically recommended this book to two readers I know because I knew without a doubt that they would love it. Need a blockbuster "issue" book or know someone struggling to come to grips with their feelings about being abused...try this book. Really.

Full disclosure: Review copy received from VOYA

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