Friday, July 27, 2012

Anxiously Awaiting...Nameless!

by Lili St. Crow
Tales of Beauty and Madness, book one

Publication date:  April 4, 2013

Sixteen-year-old Camille doesn’t remember her life before she was adopted by the powerful Vultusino family—the missing childhood years that left her scarred and silent. Now she lives a life of luxury, protected by the supernatural Mafia Vultusinos, specially Nico, her adopted brother.

But Cami knows that she is not really Family. She is a mortal with a past that lies buried in trauma. And it’s not until a mysterious boy approaches her and reveals scars of his own that Cami begins to uncover the secrets of her past . . . to find out where she comes from and what danger she now finds herself in.

Oooh! This sounds like the creepiest version of Snow White that I've read in quite a while. I can't wait to check it out. I'd love to know what other tales she plans to tackle in the series, too!

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