Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's on My Hold List?

Welcome to the April 2012 edition


"What's on My Hold List?"

One of the most beautiful things about working in a Library is that I have the ability to put lots of things on hold and read them *before* I buy!! These are some of the books that I'm currently waiting for, though I may buy one or two of them after reading, as well. 
by Gail Carriger and Rem

by Laura Lee Gulledge

by Corinne Mucha

by Lee Nichols
Haunting Emma, book three

*This one is still on my hold list...apparently it's taking forever to come in. I'm getting REALLY close to breaking down and buying it...I really need to know how it ends!!*

So, these are the books I'm waiting anxiously to get my hands on...what are you waiting for??

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