Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rock the Drop!! - With Pictures!!

Today, I plan to ROCK THE DROP!

As part of Support Teen Literature Day, I'll be "dropping" four teen books out and about in West Springfield, MA, where I work.  I plan to take pictures later on my lunch break as I distribute them around so that I can post them here. I'm also encouraging the teens that come into the library to do the same! We'll see if they get involved.

I, did, in fact get two teens to help me out with ROCK THE DROP! I dropped two titles and they dropped two, so there were four teen titles that could be found in the local West Springfield, MA area.

Deanna even emailed me a pic of her drop: Firelight by Sophie Jordan found a temporary home outside the local cemetary! LOL

And, here's one of my drops: Luminous by Dawn Metcalf is temporarily hanging out by the big bell outside our local fire house.  I have to stop by later to see if it's been picked up!

I had so much fun rocking the drop this year! I hope you all did, too. :)

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