Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dragon Games

Dragon Games
Books of Umber: Book 2
by P. W. Catanese

Happenstance would like nothing more than to stay in the comfort of the Aerie, Lord Umber's spectacular cliffside home, without having to worry about the secrets of his past -- or the undetermined role he must play in Umber's desperate mission.

But adventure beckons when Umber receives two mysterious messages. One is a desperate plea for help from Caspar, the man who stole precious documents from Umber's archives that could unlock the mysteries of Hap's powers. Caspar is trapped on a forbidden island, the victim of a nightmarish curse. He is willing to reveal his secrets to Umber and Hap -- but what he demands in return may be impossible to achieve.

The second message is from an oppressed kingdom ruled by a brutish monarch, where an old rival of Umber's has stolen a cache of dragon eggs. The eggs have begun to hatch, and the question is, what do they plan to do with those infant dragons?

I give P. W. Catanese a lot of credit for writing an excellent fantasy series! I loved the first book, Happenstance Found and the followup Dragon Games definitely lived up to its predecessor. The author has created a whole new world full of interesting creatures, characters you can't help but become drawn to, and an overarching mystery that sucked me in completely. There is so much detail in the plot of each book that they could almost stand alone, but discovering little bits about Happenstance and why he exists truly is the intriguing and dazzling focus of the series. I can't wait to read the next volume.

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